Industry Standard Mapping Software from the leaders in Fire and Gas Detection Design.

Micropack’s industry leading Fire and Gas Mapping software has now had a complete overhaul and as such is now available to license. Our software which has been proven in use in the process safety/ hazardous industries for over 20 years is now available to be used by engineering contractors and operators alike, as well as smaller scale consultants who are looking to add Fire and Gas Mapping to their list of capabilities.

Fully 3D Flame and Gas Detection Mapping from the industry leading Fire & Gas Consultancy

Micropack Support

Our services and support does not end with the delivery of a licence. You will also have the opportunity to receive training from the industry creators and leaders with a combined experience in Fire and Gas of over 200 years.

Video Demonstrations

Fully 3D Flame Detection assessments for a truly performance based and compliant design

  • Viewer allows the user the freedom to demonstrate the results in many different ways - whether in a presentation of results in the boardroom or a lunch and learn environment, obviously at no additional cost.
  • Utilising Micropack’s 20+ years consulting, HazMap3D's reporting provides exactly what the user needs in the most intuitive way.
  • Micropack’s extensive experience becomes yours. Learnings from Micropack's dedicated F&G testing ground become available with a licence for HazMap3D - something you cannot find anywhere else.

Get it right first time with HazMap3D - Operator Compliance

  • Full access to our industry leading F&G Consultancy team for queries big or small.
  • Training available on request on both how to operate the software (although being built to be the most user friendly mapping tool available, this is typically minimal) and also tailored courses covering F&G Technology, F&G design, and the history of where some of the most common methodologies originated from.
  • Doing a review for a specific operator whom has specified a specific detailed guidance document? Micropack can provide tailored training to make sure you can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the design requirements of that specific project.
  • Optimise the detection layout based on solid engineering principals while ensuring compliance with applicable guidance, not a simple targeted percentage hit, leading to excessive detector numbers and poor design.
  • New to F&G? Micropack can provide a fully qualified and experienced F&G Consultant globally to assist in get things kicked off, providing useful validation at various stages through the design process.

Built to design F&G - if something is not required to design F&G, you will not find it in HazMap3D

  • The only F&G Mapping tool with validation from many of the biggest process industry players, as well as Micropack's own validation procedures as per BSEN ISO9001:2008.
  • Ease of model import with the fastest, most powerful, most intuitive navigation abilities and assessment from the software/ engineering team who invented F&G Mapping.
  • Our software team take great pride in the efficiency in assessments and with experience in design of these tools for over 20 years, allows very basic system requirements specifications and will run on almost all platforms.
  • Finally and most importantly - HazMap3D is built by Fire and Gas Engineers, not software developers.

World Class Expertise - A Phone Call Away

  • Micropack's HazMap3D brings you something no one else can - Full access to our market leading Fire and Gas consultancy team.
  • Full customer support, be it questions on the operation of the software, the methodology being applied, where these methodologies originated from, the technologies available, or even questions on the theories behind fire science or gas dispersion/ accumulation - we have the expertise to answer your queries and broaden your own knowledge of Fire and Gas detection design.
  • HazMap3D delivers more than just mapping software.

Instant Credibility - Proven in Use

  • Using HazMap3D provides instant credibility as it is designed by the market leaders in Fire and Gas.

Coverage Optimisation

  • A truly optimised system needs more than a software locating detectors to simply hit a % coverage target.
  • An understanding of the environment, application and impact of each detector placement is required to truly optimise a safe design. HazMap3D provides these tools.
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs through while adequately designing the system.
  • HazMap3D is founded on the crucial F&G Mapping principal that an area with 75% coverage may in fact be more adequate than an area with 90% coverage.

HazMap3D Services

Flame - HazMap3D
Flame Mapping

Operator specific requirements on how to map flame detector coverage can range significantly. As Micropack have been involved in the generation of most of these methodologies, HazMap3D is the only F&G Mapping package which will give the user full peace of mind in design.

  • Regardless of how complex or simplistic the client requirement for mapping is, HazMap3D is the tool to demonstrate compliance.
  • HazMap3D is the only flame mapping package to incorporate the practical applications of flame detection technologies in the harsh environments being mapped.
  • HazMap3D incorporates the practical reality that percentage coverage is only one aspect of design. After all flame detectors simply cannot be treated as a standard safety instrumented function, which are typically installed in a predictable environment.
  • Full detector library at your fingertips with no exceptions. Over the last 2 decades, when a new flame detector is brought to the market, this has been coded into our mapping software.
  • Don’t just take the manufacturers word for it: Micropack apply independent verification of flame detector capabilities. HazMap3D provides the user real life data on the performance of each flame detection technology, as verified by completely independent 3rd parties.
  • Some F&G Mapping software relies on detector manufacturers paying to incorporate their detector into the mapping tool. This surely eradicates any credibility in the results - after all the manufacturers are simply trying to market their device.
  • Hazard grading has never been easier: HazMap3Ds complex code allows the simple double click to select equipment, whether individual process units have been defined in the 3D model or not.
  • Placing flame detectors exactly where you want, with no limitation from the model: a simple double click places detectors into the environment in the most user friendly manor available.

Gas - HazMap3D
Gas Mapping

Micropack understands that gas detection can be a contentious issue, and that there is more to just putting a detector at a nominal spacing, and that there is also far more to design than simply hitting a target percentage point. This understanding, coupled with a comprehension that most 'scenario' based gas mapping models recommend 'optimising' detectors while assessing less than 0.1% of the credible scenarios. This inevitably leads to dangerous gaps in design. Therefore a robust target gas cloud system based on good engineering principals has been incorporated into HazMap3D to ensure designs are as optimal as possible, without leaving the designer open to a potentially difficult justification when undetected gas releases occur.

  • Fully 3D Gas Detection Mapping from the experts who understand there is more to gas detection than a detector every 5 metres.
  • Fully performance based target gas cloud methodology to allow fast and accurate analysis of the volumetric coverage.
  • Placing gas detectors exactly where you want with no limitation from the model: a simple double click places detectors, either point or open path, into the environment in the most user friendly tool available.
  • Full detector library of all detection manufacturers and models for point and open path systems, whether laser based, infrared or catalytic for the more specialised applications.
  • Not sure what technology to apply regarding gas compositions and target gas clouds? HazMap3D provides a direct line to the professionals who have been designing systems for over 20 years so give them a call and have a chat to ensure lives, the environment and the asset are not being put in danger.

Smoke and Heat - HazMap3D
Smoke & Heat Detection Design

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Toxic - HazMap3D
Toxic Gas Detection

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Acoustics - HazMap3D
Ultrasonic Leak Detection Mapping

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Beacons - HazMap3D
Beacons & Sounders Design


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HazMap3D Tutorial Videos

3D Flame Detection Mapping


3D Gas Detection Mapping 

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